Introducing the 2016 Beta Evo

Even more evolved, even better performance.
The Beta R&D department has succeeded in improving a design which is in itself, has already been perfected, the EVO, a trial bike that has been the best seller for many years now has been improved once again. For the 2016 models, our Florentine engineers have focused their efforts on the engine, succeeding in the remarkable achievement of giving each of the engine sizes in the EVO range a distinctive personality, each one intended for a specific user.……. Read More……….2016_beta_trials_bike_large


Looking Back at the SSDT

Karl finished with a First Class award of 71th spot out of 285 riders starting the six day event and well happy with that. Carl Robson finish with a strong 2nd class award in 151 position and the ride of the kiwis in my eyes was from John Lawton in 212 position and only missed out on a 2nd class award by five points. We all did really well with carrying all our own spares each day for the bike and our own extra clothing, food which was all of 8/9kgs each. It’s the old saying if you don’t have it, then you will need It!

(No support vans like those UK boys with their spare parts and spare wheels, extra warm jackets for the road work, cups of tea to warm them up and nice new set of warm gloves)

No we did it the real way like real men! But in saying that man that would have been nice haha.

The beta bikes were top class with no real problems apart from the odd bent lever etc. It didn’t matter what brand bike you ride you can have bad luck in break downs as we have seen all sorts of examples over the last six days from spark plug been exploding out of a  head to gear box break downs. I must have seen 10 or more guys with broken chains as well.  Even when Doug Lampkin was riding his Factory Repsol it stopped one year due to electrics. It is sure a test of man and machinery.

Now you see it has been done by us all if you are riding at club intermediate level in NZ then you too can set a goal to ride the SSDT at least once if your life time. Get a team of you as this makes the trip a little better on your pocket and you can work together. You will also raise your ability of riding from the experience away at the ssdt.

You haven’t ridden a real trial to you ride a Scottish Six Day Trial.

Thanks for all the support that has come though it has been a great help.

Team Beta NZ signing out.