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Team Beta NZ Ready to Go!

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SSDT Up Date for Team NZ Beta
With just a few days till we start our long trip to Scotland and can’t wait, we arrive in Fort William on the Wednesday afternoon. Thursday will be a chill out day and a walk around to see some sights. Friday we get our hire bikes and will use the day to fit some parts from our own bikes and jitise guards to help protect the beta’s from what the six day is going to throw at us, we hope to have a test in the afternoon of the bikes on the road and in a nearby creek to make sure all is good to go. Saturday we are going to take in a bit of the pre 65 trial and cheer on only Kiwi rider Stephen Armistead.  Sunday is sign on at 10:00am and scrutineering has to be done by 1:00pm with bikes to go into lock up. 3:00pm in the parade of all riders and bikes though the main street of Fort William and then return your bike back to Parc Feame till your start time the next day.

All SSDT rider numbers for 2014 http://www.ssdt.org/images/stories/2014Documents/2014%20Riding%20Published.pdf

The names below are the numbers that are around the three of us that we will see a lot of over the six days. We are also lucky that we have some very good riders near us to watch their lines. One spot in front of John is the well-known Dan Thorpe who even won a day last year and finished 8th overall.

No.            Name                                               Nationality

77              Graham Tales                                   U.K   Finished 58th Last Year

78              Steve Moore                                     U.K

79              Vojta  Klecka                                     Swedish

80              Colin Barrie                                       U.K

81              Per Berggren                                    Swedish   Finished  120th Last Year

82              Katy Sunter                                      U.K    Finished   117th Last Year

83              Mark Sunter                                     U.K    Finished  53rd Last Year

84              Miguel Angel Bermejo  Fraile           Spain

85              William Burgener                             American

86              Chris Pearson                                 U.K    Finished 35th Last Year

87              Dan Thorpe                                     U. K        Finished  8th Last Year

88              John Lawton                                    New Zealand

89              Karl Clark                                        New Zealand

90              Adam  Norris                                   U.K   Finished  29rd Last Year

91              Carl Robson                                    New Zealand

92              Jack Challoner                                U.K   Finished 13th Last Year

93              Dean Nuttall                                    Australian

94              Joseph Spivey                                U.K

95              Martin Hemmer                              Norwegian

96              Jonathan Richardson.                   U.K    Finished 11th Last Year .

The daily running order for the trial is as follows :

Day 1 (Monday) 001 – 286  (Start at 07:30)

Day 2 (Tuesday) 049 – 286 – 048   (Start at 07:30)

Day 3 (Wednesday) 097 – 286 – 096 (Start at 07:30)

Day 4 (Thursday) 145 – 286 –144  (Start at 07:30)

Day 5 (Friday) 193 – 286 –192   (Start at 07:30)

Day 6 (Saturday) 241 – 286 – 240   (Start at 07:30)

Start Times/ Day 1 Monday with John being the first of us away.
(first rider of each day is away at 7:30am and leaving at one minute apart).

John will start Monday at 8:58am which is (7:58pm Monday night here in NZ).

Check out this link http://www.nevisradio.co.uk/   for live SSDT Chat at the start line every morning on Nevis Radio. Last year they also had a live feed recording of all the riders at the start line, there will be a link on Nevis Radio closer to the time.


2014 Route information for the six days.


This 2010 SSDT Video is a Good Watch   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJfMAM4sleQ

All of our progress over the SSDT will be on http://topofthesouthmototrialsnews.wordpress.com/  updated every day by Debbie back in New Zealand.

Both Karls will also put info on our Face Book pages, https://www.facebook.com/karl.clark.90
Carl Robson https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008249104522

You can find each days full results here http://www.ssdt.org/ under SSDT Live!  Around 9:30am NZ time.


John, Karl and Carl.

Team NZ Beta



And We Are In!
Hi all For those who are interested we are just letting you know that Karl, John and Carl got accepted into the Scottish Six Day Trial, well done boys! So now its full steam ahead and already preparations are under way for the trip. Will keep you all posted. Also congratulations to Stephen Armistead who got into the Pre 65 Class and will also be competing.


Well its official, the Scottish Six Day Trial entries for 2014 are open.

At this stage we have three people from New Zealand who have entered in this long standing event.

John Lawton NZ Beta Importer who rode back in 1988 on his 301 Fantic. Carl Robson who contested in 2012 and Karl Clark who rode this year. They all have competed in the SSDT once and have decided to head back as a team to do it again.

SSDT 1988582196_451158961567624_729233087_nkjg

Carl finished in 2012 with a great 163 position and will be aiming for a higher finish in 2014. Both John who finished 202 position and Karl who finished 143 position had bike problems that deflated their overall result, they both will be hungry to improve on their second time round.

You have to at least ride the Scottish Six Day twice because the first year is such a learning curve that you will be that much better off for it come the second time round.

Scottish Six Day is a trial for all ability of riders as the sections are set at a good level.

Bike hire & Accommodation is already pre booked.

There will be a lucky 265 riders to get in the Ballot which comes from over 400 entries.


Fingers crossed that the team all get an entry and now we have to await the ballot, ballot should be out late December early January.

Good luck boys!

The Scottish Six Days Trial has the additional test of reliability over long distances, with riders completing up to 100 miles each day of total of six days over a combination of rough moorland, rocky tracks and public roads. Each daily route is designed by the Clerk of the Course to challenge the ability, experience, strength and stamina of each rider. To ride 100 miles and negotiate 30 sections each day for six consecutive days requires strength, expertise and exceptional reliability from both rider and machine.

For those who may be interested in finding out more about SSDT 2014 click here

Keep an eye out on this page as there will updates.