2014 Beta Factory

A replica of the bike the official Beta riders use in top national and international competitions.
2014 beta factory

The 2013 125cc class World Title and the World Pro 2013 third place confirm that this 100% “Made in Italy” product is a winner at the highest levels.

Designed by the Tuscan manufacturers R&D department combined with the official factory World Championship team, Beta has produced bikes that are rich technically, with excellent dynamic features and bar setting performance.  The Beta EVO Factory engine and chassis were developed with smooth, extremely easy and responsive riding in mind.  Available in 125, 250 and 300cc engine sizes, they are intended for expert riders who are looking for a high performance bike as well as for beginners who want a bike with unique performance.


  1. 125,250 and 300cc engines built with carefully selected components and painstakingly fine-tuned.
  2. Magnesium crankcases with a weight reduction on 1.5kg.
  3. New 12v 110w ignition that ensures more power for the various electric systems.  The electric fan is now able to cool the engine more efficiently and ensure more stable operating temperatures and performance.  The new ignition has the stator mounted on the outside with the rotor on the inside closer to the crankshaft.  This allows the rotating masses to be centred closer to the centre of the crankshaft.  This means more agility and an easier ride especially during aerial moves.
  4. New magneto cover in magnesium which is the stator support and has a gasket to ensure a water tight seal for the flywheel chamber.
  5. A 22/69 primary drive ratio allows for a decrease in the torque transmitted to the clutch.  This also allows the rider to choose between two spring preload settings (selecting the spacer mount direction) which help to either reduce the stress at the lever or increase the transmittable torque.
  6. Special clutch discs capable of ensuring smoother and more precise operation giving the lever better feel.
  7. Red anodized aluminium fuel filler cap.
  8. Red silicone radiator hoses.
  9. Black clutch and stator covers.


  1. White frame with eye catching Factory graphics in a mixture of white, red and blue colours.
  2. Front fork tubes are shorter to better fit the new triple clamps.  The internal cartridge and CNC machined adjuster caps have been lightened.  The forks are finished in black CNC machined triple clamps with a lighter design.
  3. The rear shock is equipped with a new yellow spring which is lighter and preloaded by a new ring assembly with a plastic containment spacer that ensures less friction and a new calibration.
  4. The front brake mastercylinders are now made by Braktec which are lighter and have better feel.  The classic Factory design brake discs complete the package.
  5. New clutch mastercylinder to match the new brake mastercylinder.
  6. For the 250/300 versions, a new longer silencer is fitted.  The provides better sound characteristics to work with the new exhaust pipe to provide better handling and riding precision.
  7. New titanium exhaust pipe on all models.  This new design provides the 250/300 with increased torque at low engine revs.
  8. Numerous parts finished in red anodized aluminium.